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I Need to Settle Down Here

I feel a level of exhaustion that doesn't make sense. I went to bed very early last night, slept late this morning, and my heart is racing like I've been very active (I haven't), and I feel weak.

This morning we were about to leave for church, but my keys were not where (I thought) I had left them. I looked around, including in the shoes by the front door, where they have been known to hide. Nope. No keys. 

Exasperated, I looked around the house, but I felt so tired that I didn't tear things apart to find them. I did check all the doors, but the keys weren't there. 

Christian asked if we could do a Bible lesson since we weren't going to be at church. He printed a couple of coloring pages for Eliana to color (there was a copy of each one for him too), and has a plan to give her a lesson after they are done coloring. He's been very sweet with her this morning. Since they have very similar personalitites, they can get on each other's nerves as easily as they can spend hours working on something together. 

So. We are spending a quiet morning at home. I don't know if I am anxious about all of the things related to the upcoming trip, all that we have to take care of, and how I have to have the kids packed for their various destinations. There are errands to run, and this is, of course, the year that I decided to finally volunteer to help with VBS at our church, which is this week. 

Just typing about it has my heart pounding again. I need to breathe, calm down, and get one thing done at a time. Now I'm going to make a couple of lists. 

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    Five Walkers - together one step at a time - I'm Writing - I Need to Settle Down Here
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    I probably think that you must be very tired from the stress of the work. I am feeling the same thing today because today was very tough for me in the field. I would defiantly advise you to take care.

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