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My Broken Hallelujah

With weary feet and heavy hands,
Hanging head, I come.
My tears are falling on the ground,
Slipping down-
My offering, a heart that's pressed,
But I still give you praise.
My broken hallelujah rises
To your broken body.
You know all too well.
You hear my cry.
The veil is torn apart
As you suffer, bleed, and die,
Broken for my brokenness
To make me whole one day.
Righteous one for sinners slain
In order to impart the glorious robes
Of yours;
You share the bounty of your riches.
My broken hallelujah will be made whole,
Rising to you, risen and exalted King.

*credit to The Afters for the phrase "my broken hallelujah."

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Beautiful - you're such an amazing writer!

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