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A Swing and a Miss (For Us, Not the Team)

I've been meaning to tell about our weekend for a few days now.  Other things keep popping up. 

Not that Easter was a surprise. 

I just don't know where the time goes.  It's already Wednesday (practically)!

Last week Mike bought us tickets to the Rangers game on Friday; it was an exhibition game, so not a part of the official season, but he got cheap tickets!  So, the five of us went to the game.  We've only gone together one other time, and it was actually with a very large group of friends (some of my best girlfriends were staying with us and we took all of the kids to see a game).

Anyway, the kids were very excited to be rooting for the home team again.  We were a little late, but what's new?

While Christian showed what a fan he is, Michaela chose to put matching shirts on herself and Eliana.  Please notice the bags...I am going to be sad when Michaela reaches the age that she rolls her eyes and shudders at the thought of matching. 

As cute as the three of them are, I have to say...look at my new shoes.  Aren't they fun?!

Do you know what happened to my poor shoes later in the evening?  They were tainted by the spit-out refuse of an idiot who didn't have enough sense to put his gum in the trash can.  Yuck.

What was I writing about?  Oh, right.  Baseball.  When we arrived the game had already progressed quite far, but no one had scored.  The teams were alternating up-to-bat rapidly; no one was able to get a run.  Shortly after we sat down, however, our team got a single and then a homer.  Two runs!


While I am writing this, I cannot get the image of Squints from The Sandlot out of my head.  It's the part where the boys are trying to get the ball back from The Beast and he is in the treehouse with the homemade telescope.  Anyone else?


This guy might be my favorite player.  Why?  His name is amazing.  SALTALAMACCHIA!

How can you not love saying that?  Much less yelling it?  I am easily entertained, no?

We had to switch seats because Eliana started acting, you know, like a two-year-old in a confined space.  We didn't think the other patrons appreciated her climbing all over the place and hollering when we wouldn't let her flip herself over the seats in front of us (do you know how steep stadium seating is?!). 

We went up to the very top seating area (smart, since didn't I just say how steep it is?!), which was pretty empty.  She was still kind of a nut.  A nice gentleman who worked at the park came along and asked Christian if he wanted to go to the very top.  Like any normal seven-year-old baseball fan, he did, and Michaela followed as well.  Guess who else wanted to tag along?  Guess who hopped right into the arms of a perfect stranger and let him carry her all the way to the tippy top of the bleachers?

The child is a mystery to me.

They came back down to our adopted seats and...we pretty much packed it up and left.  Eliana seriously wanted to do whatever dangerous thing came into her silly little head.  I can't say that it was the most fun ever, but I will say that we are looking forward to some better experiences.  Some that might include, say, a nap for Eliana before a 7 pm baseball game.  (I promise I tried...she's stubborn.)

Up for tomorrow:  Soccer and swimming