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3600 Square Feet of Space


but this is where they want to play...



I suppose if we ever need to downsize it won't be a problem for them.





There were s'mores.

There was a tent (sort of).

There was a sleeping bag (and a blanket, plus fuzzy slippers).

There was also a movie...there are perks to inside campouts.


I've Said It Before...I Can't Help It

I can't help it that she looks so cute when she's walking down the sidewalk in a hat with stegasaurus lumps on top...

Or that the blue in her hat and coat bring out her eyes in an amazing way...

Or that she has the sweetest cheeks...

Or that her nose is so adorable...

Or that she just stops and looks so precious that I have to capture the moment, the expression.  EVERY. SINGLE.  TIME.

She's getting so big, I can't believe it, and I want to remember each thing that she does...

from going down the slide all by herself to swinging on the big swings..."faster, faaasterrr!!"


I tried to get these two...

but they were pretty busy, and mostly running in the field afar off...

They are almost nine and seven.  She's headed that way.  It's fast, and everyone told me it would be so...just one of those true things.  Some days you wish it were faster!  But some days you want it to slow down. 

Today was a good day.


This Moment of Peace Brought To You By...

Hot Chocolate.

Does the trick every time.

Hot chocolate with no shirt on...he couldn't decide if he were hot or cold. 

Okay, the more I look at and read the last part of that sentence, the more wrong it seems, but I looked it up and had myself convinced that it is actually grammatically correct.  And I was an English major!

Anyway, the two older kids have been pretty squabbly lately, so I was happy that some warm milk mixed with cocoa and a bit of sugar (also a drop of vanilla) had them relatively peacable and content for a few minutes this afternoon. 

I won't comment on other parts of the month day...


Pictures With Pumpkins

Across the street there is a marvelous display of pumpkins.  Today we took the kids and took some pictures.

This might be a post only grandparents could love.

Eliana has a picture doesn't look as though she's in as much pain as it has in the past.


She loves her big brother so much...

My little pumpkins...