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Just the Princesses

It's just the girls tonight.

But not just any girls.  The royal girls.  The Princesses.

Some things you need to know about princesses...sometimes they go barefoot.

They also wear very large earrings.  Long necklaces are a must.

Princesses often purse their lips.

They are also known to be quite serious at times, as if the weight of the world were on their shoulders.

I think it's just the earrings, actually.

They are demure, and thoughtful.

(Just like her mother!)

It is important to remember that princesses are very bouncy.

And as for these two princesses...

they love one another very much.

(Since these girls are princesses, then I must be the queen.  Of nonsense, I'm sure.)




It's Trite But It's True...

Monkey see...

Monkey do...


Hands On, Take Two

In true Christina fashion, I entered a photo in the I Heart Faces challenge that is actually not legitimate for me to enter.  I got so wrapped up in looking for pictures that had to do with hands, and told a good story, that I forgot that I am supposed to have taken the picture.  While I will say that I got through Eliana's birth fairly easily, I am not so tricky that I was able to take a picture of Mike, Eliana, and myself just after she was born. 

I went back to my choices and decided (and it was hard, I might do a post on the other pictures as well...they are all sweet) on this one...


Not only could Mike and I not wait to get our hands on Eliana, her big sister couldn't wait either!  She wanted to hold her all the time from the moment she saw her, and still loves to spend time with her little sister.  I also chose this picture because not only has Michaela loved to hold Eliana, but she has also been so very hands on with her.  She is always willing to spend time with Eliana, and loves to play with and care for her.  Michaela is a tenderhearted, loving girl, and she adores Eliana.  I'm so glad that they will have each other for life. 

There are so many lovely pictures people have shared at I Heart Faces...check it out.




It has been a while since my first entry at the I Heart Faces website; things were just too crazy around here for me to meet the challenges.  This week they are looking forward to Valentine's Day, and the challenge is "We Heart Kisses".  I knew right away that I had a picture I wanted to enter.

I'm no photographer extraordinaire.  I like to capture moments if I can, that's all.  Since the people I take pictures of the most are kids, and they move fast, the technical details might not always be perfect.  But in a picture like this one, the expression is.

My parents live far away from us, but the distance can't keep the girls from being close to Grandma.  How does my mom feel about being a grandma?  Well...I think the look on her face says more than any words I could write down. 

As you can imagine, there is a lot of smooching going on in the world...from engagements and weddings to daddies and their kiddos, and other fun takes on the kiss.  It's all pretty can see more lovey-dovey at I Heart Faces or add your own picture to the mix!



The Girls

We were able to thieve acquire some lovely flowers from the church last week, which thrilled Michaela to no end.  She loves all things beautiful.  Her appreciation for that which is aesthetically pleasing far surpasses mine...she loves house decor, sunsets, pretty birds.  She notices everything, details that my eyes skip over because they are always in a hurry.  Or more likely, looking down to make sure I don't step in anything gross.

When we got home with our flowers, she immediately found vases for them.  She had a bunch, and Eliana was clinging to the single gerbera daisy that had been given to her.  Michaela then directed me to take many pictures so that I could put them on the blog. 

All right, Boss!


Here is a fun fact.  The dress Michaela is wearing was mine.  I wore it in my cousin's wedding when I was eleven years old.  My mom, after storing it all these many years, gave it to me recently, and Michaela took it right away.  Now, for a picture which involved such lovely flowers, a lovely dress such as this one was required.  She also donned her new necklace that was a Christmas gift. 

She tried very hard to get Eliana to cooperate and pose for a "sisters" picture...but Eliana was busy being two.  When you are busy being two, there is little time for stopping to listen to instruction, sitting pretty for the camera, and holding your flower just so.  I like the picture anyway. 

Mike saw these pictures, especially the ones of Michaela, and his heart melted.  Right into a puddle on the floor.  While it was very sweet to see him turn to mush looking at pictures of his firstborn, I don't know if I appreciate the extra mess to clean up.  On second thought, what's one more mess?   

Speaking of mess...

Don't think it's all flowers and dresses around here for her.  She has plenty of fun making mud soup and chasing earthworms.  Which is fine, just as long as it stays outside.  Mostly.