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"Dare You to Move" (a.k.a. When Persistence Pays Off)

After playing a new song (it was the second time they had played it live, I think), "When We Come Alive," Jon stepped to the mic and told us he was about to do something risky.

He went to the edge of the stage, reached down, and pulled up this sign:

"Can I play "Dare You to Move" with you? PLEASE"

Next thing, Jon pulled this young man up on stage and made his night. (Life? Maybe.) I don't even know this guy, and I was yelling and cheering like he was my brother, because COOLEST EVER!! 

The guys had one of their crew get him a guitar...

and we heard the story of a video that he sent to Drew in a tweet asking the same question...

And then Jon shared the stage with him; his name is Scotty Swingler, by the way.

And just for the record, he completely rocked the song! All of them did!

Jon went back and forth between playing his guitar too and just singing.

I mean, seriously? This was all kinds of crazy fun!!

All the guys were so great about it. They looked like they loved every second of making this guy's night. 

Aahhh! Jon Foreman is sharing! his! mic! 

Then he went to him and they did a fantastic rendition (?) (I don't know what to call it...) of this particular part of the song...

The crowd was nuts. 

And the final note(s) was (were) just awesome. It makes me smile just thinking of it. 

These guys are just so amazing. They truly seem to care about the people who have come to hold them in such high regard. 

I keep trying to put into words how great it was...

but it's hard to do. 

One of the things Jon says in the movie is,“If you’re leaving your family’d better believe in what you’re singing.” (I found this quote in an article that was posted on their fan website, so I hope it's right.) (It's pretty much what I remembered from the film myself.) The more I learn about the band members, and how they live with their celebrity, it's clear that they do believe in what they're singing; and the more I admire them and want to support them. 

Here is a link to a video that someone posted of the portion of the concert that Scotty was on stage. If you have a few minutes, it's really fun to watch! (I confess: I watched it several times, even though I saw it happen live!! Ha! It was just so! much! fun!) (Note: the quality of the video does not reflect the quality of the show live...they sounded even better live than the radio/studio versions of their music. I was blown away by the way they sounded, and it way exceeded all of my expectations.)

Scotty plays with Switchfoot!


And guess what?! We still weren't at the end of the show!