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It has been a while since my first entry at the I Heart Faces website; things were just too crazy around here for me to meet the challenges.  This week they are looking forward to Valentine's Day, and the challenge is "We Heart Kisses".  I knew right away that I had a picture I wanted to enter.

I'm no photographer extraordinaire.  I like to capture moments if I can, that's all.  Since the people I take pictures of the most are kids, and they move fast, the technical details might not always be perfect.  But in a picture like this one, the expression is.

My parents live far away from us, but the distance can't keep the girls from being close to Grandma.  How does my mom feel about being a grandma?  Well...I think the look on her face says more than any words I could write down. 

As you can imagine, there is a lot of smooching going on in the world...from engagements and weddings to daddies and their kiddos, and other fun takes on the kiss.  It's all pretty can see more lovey-dovey at I Heart Faces or add your own picture to the mix!