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Some More Funny

I have come to the conclusion that even if no one else except my mom and dad would like to look at these silly pictures, I am going to post them.  I need to laugh myself.  I need to laugh at myself.  I need to laugh at my family. 

We are a weird bunch, so this is a goal that is easily accomplished.

For Eliana's first Christmas my parents and my brother came to visit both for the holiday and for her baptism.  My mom and dad wanted a picture to send out with their Christmas card of all of us, since it is not very often that we are all together.  Plus, Christmastime makes for good photo opps.  Right?

You would think.

Capturing eight people at just the right time (or even two as you will see) proved to be an elusive task. 

The mission:  To get a family picture, as well as some with "Santa Grandpa", with everyone wearing the fabulous Santa hats, of course.

Oh, a promising beginning, indeed.

It is not hard to figure out from where my children get their ornery behavior, is it?

My mom is a total fanatic about loves getting a picture with each child (and hopefully one of them all together) with "Santa Grandpa".  Many people think my dad looks like Santa; a lot of children give him very big eyes when he is out and about at Christmas.

Christian went first.  We thought this made sense, since he would probably not last as long as everyone else for the photo session.  Apparently we needed to give him a tranquilizer first.

Next, Michaela hopped sweetly up on Grandpa's lap.  Hey!  Cheer up "Santa Grandpa"!  The fun has just started!

Now.  On to the big picture.  I mean the picture of all of us.  Don't think there is a big picture in this post, because...there isn't.  I don't do the big picture.  I am detail oriented.  Only trees.  No forest.

Of course, we had to figure out where everyone was going to go.  Apparently I think someone should head out back.  Mom looks dubious about my ideas.

Now she is trying to take over "Santa Grandpa's" line..."Ho, ho, ho!"  He seems a little tired, so why not let her?

Oh, look!  We are all in the picture!  Everyone is smiling!  Oh!   Doh!  Almost.  And for a Christmas card picture, almost just won't cut it.


"Hmmm," my brother asks himself,"What could be more fun than sitting here in my sister's house wearing this awesome Santa hat?  I don't wish I were at home at all!"

Well, this one is actually pretty funny...and would have made a great picture except for lovely little moi.  Oooh.  Michaela doesn't look so great either.  Whew!  I thought I was the one who messed this one up. 

Mom is nervous.  She might not get a Christmas picture after all.  How foolish she was to think that we could be coordinated enough to pull this off!

I think Santa needed a break.  My brother is a good sport, though, don't you think?

I believe this is the shot that ended up winning the prize.

The "no-one-is-picking-their-nose-or-closing-their-eyes-or-looking-the-wrong-way-or-putting-their-fingers-in-their-mouth" prize.  And that is worth something.