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Laundry Queen

You can wash, you can dry, folding the rest of your life,
See that girl and her machine, digging the Laundry Queen.

Friday night and the lights are low,
It's the darks that are good to go
In the washer with water; you add Era he.
You notice one more tee.
Anybody could pull that knob,
But she's made it clear it's her job.                          
With a  double rinse and spin, everything is fine,
You're in the mood for clean,
You fill up the machine.                       

You are the Laundry Queen, finds receipt shreds in the lint screen.
Laundry Queen, needs caffeine for this wash routine.
Oh, yeah!
You can wash, you can dry, folding the rest of your life,
See that girl and her machine, digging the Laundry Queen.     

Shut the dryer and turn it on,
Leave it tumbling until it's done.
Sorting socks for a decade, or even two.              
Up to your ears in jeans,
Undies, and shirts all clean...

You are the Laundry Queen, you rescue LEGO figurines.
Laundry Queen, sometimes shoes need to be washed clean.
Oh, yeah!
You can wash, you can dry, folding the rest of your life,
See that girl and her machine, digging the Laundry Queen. 

Digging the Laundry Queeeeeen!


Thank you, ABBA, for such inspriational music.  I can be a Laundry Queen and a Dancing Queen at the same time.  


To the Love of My Life

Oh, laundry, oh, oh, laundry, oh...Wherefore art thou, laundry?



The Way We Were

Everything seemed so important then...even laundry! I'm not going down that road again, no sir... Maybe Katie and Hubbell were best "the way they were" but this pile and I?  I cannot describe our past relationship as the best it could be.  We are going our separate ways.  It may be painful.  It may take some time.  But we will not be the way we were.  The best is yet to come!

I'm Doing Laundry

Whose clothes these are I think I know,
The pants and socks cast to and fro'.
They will not see me stooping here,
To pick the dirty piles up so.

A looker-on might think it queer
With machines so very near
That I myself would get and take
The clothes dropped by my kids so dear.

The washer spins and gives a shake
As if to say it's going to break.
I hope it won't for I would weep-
The laundry then would overtake.

The bed is cozy, I could sleep
But I have laundry that's knee deep
And piles to go before I sleep,
And piles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost I am not...but I was inspired.


I Miss My Washing Machine!

Help!  Help!  I'm drowning in a sea of dirty laundry!

No, seriously...a sea. It is Sunday evening.  The last load of laundry I remember doing was Tuesday of last week.  Then we got very intent on getting things in the new house so we could start sleeping here.  Each night after the kids were in bed it seemed too late to start a load and we were doing other things anyway (like running to Steak 'n' Shake for milkshakes-c'mon people, there are important things to get done!).  Then when we did get into the new house, I discovered the washing machine that comes with this house didn't work properly.  Like, it filled up with water, sat for a long time, and drained.  Then it filled with water again, sat for a while, and drained.  So, the clothes got really, soaking wet...but not so clean. We debated about what to do...try to get it fixed, switch it out for our own machines (which are in the garage), what to do, what to do... Meanwhile, the laundry has been PILING UP.  I have six garbage bags of dirty clothes and towels.  I have the new towels that we purchased on Friday (which I must wash before using-sorry, but I gotta' do it), the sheets on the beds are getting gnarly, there are multiple blankets which have gotten dirty during this move.  Plus, there is a laundry basket at the old house with dirty clothes that didn't get washed before we left, and another garbage bag full. Oh my word.  Did I really just tell everyone how much dirty laundry we have?  I did.  I want you to share in my pain. 

I actually enjoy doing laundry-I love when it's clean, and smells so good, and it's warm from the dryer.  I'll be in hog heaven when I'm through with all this.  Just trying to look at the bright side of things. Another problem this washing machine situation is causing is that because I cannot wash anything (and I have talked about a laundromat-I know that is an option) we are running out of some clean things.  Certain things are not a problem-underwear, kids clothes, even our own stuff, we're good on.  But clean towels, I have none.  Not even dish towels, which is what I used to dry Eliana off after her bath tonight.  It was the last clean one in the basket.  I had to get creative with the older kids, too.  But they were bathed and dried all the same. Mike is on a mission to have the problem fixed by tomorrow.  And then I will be doing laundry until next Wednesday. At which point I'll be swimming in a sea of clean laundry, which no doubt will be piled up on all the beds in the house. 

Ahh, then it will feel like home...