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Lovin' Every Minute

Do you have a few minutes yourself?  This is how much fun we've been having...

The girls when we first arrived...they were so happy to see one another!

The boys the first morning...I know the light is terrible, but look at their faces. They were also so glad to be together.

A beautiful place to be...

There is fun indoors, too! They worked on this pyramid for a couple of days.

Eliana with Aunt Wendy in the pool...

In the water is where she wants to be.

Cousin N. told me,"Take a picture with my head on the top of the water..."

Aunt Wendy is a great sport about getting her toes covered with sand.

This girl is right at home on the beach.

I love tan feet.

The kids stay so busy collecting shells, playing in the surf, digging...


She's up to her elbows and enjoying every bit of it!

The fish aren't just in the ocean...

Christian doing a handstand...

This is what happens when I say,"I want a picture of you with your goggles."


Wendy and Bobby somehow ended up with all six kids in the pool. They came to the conclusion that three is a great number.

Like I said, we're lovin' every minute!


Dinner With Dad and Susie

The night after Mike arrived we headed back to Orlando for dinner with his dad Lance and his wife Susie.  The kids threw themselves into the pool immediately after hugs. They have a great pool with steps that lead to a very shallow end; Eliana loved walking around there, and leaping into Mike's arms.  She is in love with the water!

They have several floats in the pool along with a kickboard that has a built-in appears that Grandpa Lance got in the line of fire before he was able to change his clothes!

Alligators abound here in Florida, but this is as close as I hope we'll get to one...

Eliana finally gave Mike a little break...

Christian had a great time chasing the other kids around and riding the floats.

Lance and Susie make a great team when they're putting dinner together! There is always something good coming off the grill (chicken and ribs), and Susie's green beans and her homemade coleslaw are sooo good.

Eliana wasn't too interested in the chicken legs, but she dug into Ms. Susie's pasta with cheese!

It was a lovely evening. We're so glad we were able to see them and spend the time there. We also visited with Susie's son (his family was not able to be there, but it was very nice to see him), and her daughter-in-law and two granddaughters (her husband was also not able to be there; she is a delight to be with and we had a good time chatting).

All of the kids had a great time splashing and playing games together. Here is Mike with his dad; I'm not sure the last time they had a picture taken may have been our wedding! They look alike, don't they?

Thank you, Dad and Susie, for a wonderful dinner, and a lot of fun!