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Today was Christian's last day of school. Not only did he finish fifth grade, but he also completed his time at the Day School. There have been a few moments over the last couple of weeks that tears sprang to my eyes when I thought of this final day. He's been a student there since kindergarten, had some wonderful teachers, and made amazing memories, not to mention friends. He didn't say much about it today, nor did he express sadness, but I think it's because he knows he will see these kids again, especially those he's closest to. His teacher attends our church. In many ways today wasn't the dramatic ending of an era so much as it was the beginning of a new season.

I thought I would cry more, but I'm so excited about where they will be next year, and I'm so happy about so many things that are going on in the life of our church, that I don't have room for sadness right now.

As I wrote that sentence out, I was stunned. And grateful.

I hope that I am the kind of person who is able to praise God when the storm is raging, when the losses are great, during those parts of the journey when the burden is too heavy to bear. Right now I praise him because he holds us firmly in his hands, and the hope that we have in him is steadfast. It is the anchor. It is the only gain. It is shalom.

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Shalom, friend. Long time no post. How are you guys doing there?

August 29, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterChandra

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