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A Walk

While Christian and Michaela were at Bible study tonight, Eliana and I went for a walk around our block.  We had our respective missions.

Mine involved being still.  Hers involved a lot of movement.

There was some conflict.

I was hoping to get some pictures of her eyes.  Have you tried to photograph a two-year-old's eyes in the nice light just before the sun goes down?  It requires a very wiggly person to STOP WIGGLING.

I got a lot of this...

or this...

(although her eyes do look nice there)

and pictures along the lines of this one...

(no eyes, but you can see that she had M&M's as well as milk earlier in the day...note to self:  wipe off your child's mouth before photo session)

Oh, here's a good one for "Mission:  Shoot Eyes"...

(but look at her fingers...aren't they sweet?)

Now.  This one I love because it looks like pictures of me when I was little.  (Not the afro one, but further back, when I was actually cute.)

Oooh, there are her eyes!

And then some girls on bikes came along and they were much more fun to look at than my camera.  I got her cheeks, though.  I could kiss them all day.

Eyes, elbow dimple, and paint-bonus!

She is a people watcher...the choir members were showing up at church for rehearsal and she wanted to know what each person's name was.  "Who is that?"

I will say that while our missions were not fully synchronized, we each were able to accomplish what we set out to do.  And we had fun, too.

(You better believe I touched up that, I've got some wicked wrinkles.)