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Linking for Life

I don't think I've ever done something like this before, but I think this is worth it. 

I was blog-hopping (that's not the thing I haven't done before...I have done that a lot.  Too much, in fact) and it led me to a post where a girl who calls herself "Sweet Pea" has committed to giving $1.00 to Haiti per comment or link.  So, I'm linking to her blog, and I'm going to leave a comment there, too.  She has a friend who is going to match whatever she ends up with.  So my link and my comment will be worth $4.00 for Haiti, which by itself isn't that much, but added to everyone else's comments or links could add up to something big!  If you come across this and you have a blog, consider leaving a link over there.  If you don't have a blog, at least go leave a comment.

Recently I had an experience where I felt overwhelmed...I felt like there were all these little things that were piling up and making it hard for me to get through each day.  Any one of those things all by itself would have been a very small thing.  But all together they felt so heavy!  On this one particular day that I had this overwhelmed feeling I was at a Bible study; at the beginning of the large group time a woman got up and gave a little schpiel (is that how you spell that word?!) about the "Least Coin", or the Fellowship of the Least Coin (an ecumenical and global movement that uses prayer as well as the coin that is valued the least of whatever one's currency is-there are other links, but not a "main" one)...the idea is that each person contributes his least coin (for us, the penny), which when alone does not amount to much.  However, when all of the least coins are put together, they are a great multitude.  I remember thinking about all of these things together, my small problems that felt so heavy, and the coins.  I thought how when it rains and there are a few drops of rain you get a little wet, but you won't drown.  I thought of how when there was enough water to fill an ocean, though, there was some power!  Just a little doesn't amount to much; but a great deal of that small thing can be transforming.  It can go both ways...a lot of small things can weigh someone down, make them feel like they're drowning.  But then again, a lot of small things can make big changes, and even mean life for someone.  That day I tried to think of my little things in light of the perspective of the least coin.  Instead of focusing on those small things that were trying to take me down, I tried to think of the pennies that were collected that would bring hope, goodness, even life to someone else. 

I'm thinking that way right now...and dollars are bigger than pennies!  If we put all of our dollars together, then people's lives will be changed.  Thank you to "Sweet Pea."  You are, you know. 

-edited to add:  There are many sites that are doing this kind of thing.  It's wonderful that so many can, and feel led to!  Check this out if you have a's pretty amazing, I think.