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Fireworks on the 4th of July

Michaela and her grandma stayed up late tonight watching the fireworks show over the beach: It was pretty cool for an "amateur show" (i.e. ten guys running around trying to prove their own South-Carolina-highway-fireworks were better than anybody else's): Priceless quote of the night, from Michaela: "I wish I could be a kid forever.  That way, I could always sit in a grown up's lap and watch fireworks."

At the Beach in Florida....

We're at the beach in FL with Michael's mom and "Mr. Bob" (Michael's step-dad). And, of course, we've been firing off rounds on the digital camera like there's no tomorrow. Here's Eliana, bruisin' and cruisin' inside the beach condo: And more photos: In the pool:

Playing at Home

Here's a bunch of photos of the kiddos, turning the "school room" into "party central," playing the new set of tinker toys, etc.
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