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Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un!

I always wanted a sister.  My brother and I get along great now, but growing up I really wanted a sister, and my parents never would oblige me.

I am so glad that these two have one another.  They have such a special relationship, and I love watching them be so...girly.

Can't you just see them in 20 years, curled up together watching Steel Magnolias or Sense and Sensibility or Dumb and Dumber?  I hope they include me in all the fun!



Some Most days it is so hard to stay on task.  We are all so easily distracted.  And it's not always something bad, but it's just not math when we're supposed to be doing math, or history when we're supposed to be doing history.  

Today, instead of doing her schoolwork, Michaela found a CD and stuck it in the player in our dining room floor (why is there a small CD player in your dining room floor, you ask; I don't really know, but it's been there so long, that it kind of goes there now.) and began to listen to it.  When I realized what it was I stopped in my tracks and tilted my head to the side and thought,"Now, where do I go with this one?"

She and Eliana were listening to Bible stories, and looking at the stories at the same time.  Well, Eliana was more interested in looking at the CD player and its buttons.  But Michaela was following along and finding the stories in the Bible that were playing on the CD.  I couldn't very well say,"Quit listening to the Bible stories!  Quit reading your Bible!"  My heart is full of joy that those are the things she wants to do with her time. 

And we did get back to our schoolwork shortly.  I took the chance to switch the laundry, or make a bed, or something else productive.  I believe in using my time efficiently.  Isn't it obvious? 

Schedules would come in very handy around here, I think.  Yes, I'll work on that...


"In Her Shoes"

 She loves to do whatever Michaela is doing, be wherever Michaela is, and she loves to put her shoes on. 

This made me think of the movie with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette; great movie, not a comedy, but poignant (and I don't even have a sister).  Hopefully our family won't be that dysfunctional. 

That has nothing to do with anything.  Back to Eliana...I love it when she tries to put on someone else's shoes.  It cracks me up.  It also runs in the family...

Of course, Michaela had no big sister to go to for shoes, so she chose her daddy's. 

Now, those are some big shoes to fill...



I just think they are sweet.




She saw what Michaela was doing, and she wanted to do it too!



Two peas in a pod

Eliana has lots of toys.  And she plays with them, for about two seconds.  Most of the time what she is much more interested in is whatever the big kids are doing.  She is able to climb up into their seats at the school table by herself, and she even tries to do it when someone, particularly Michaela, is sitting there.  You can imagine how productive an environment that is sometimes for getting any schoolwork done.  Michaela is quite the doting mommy sister though.  And so very tolerant and sweet.   Today we were trying to get through grammar ( a dictation) and Eliana was, indeed, trying to get into Michaela's chair.  The morning had not been going well, because of her determination to be in the middle of everything as well as her determination not to take a nap in her bed.  So I finally just stuck her in the chair alongside Michaela and gave her a pencil and paper.   And that made her happy. Eliana loves to be wherever Michaela is.  And she really looks up to her big sister. Sometimes she takes it one step further and really tries to do exactly what Michaela is doing.  And Michaela loves every minute of it.

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