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A "7"

As I was reading tonight, Christian was working on something in his bed.  Here is the project he had going on...

"A seven!"    

There is so much going on in his head that I don't know or hear about.  I would love to know what inspired this.  Was it something in the story (I don't recall anything about a seven in The Secret Garden)?  Maybe it just emerged as he moved the coins around.  Who knows?  What I do know is that Christian is funny, creative, smart, passionate, intense, caring, and sweet.  Seven words for my son.

And here is something else that I think is noteworthy.  The blanket that he is wrapped up in is a small quilt that I bought from someone at the online store etsy; this person was donating all of the profits from several of the things she was selling to the Cora Playground Project (a playground at the church where the McClenahan's attend, in memory of Cora).  Many etsy sellers were doing this, and Cora's mom is selling some things to benefit the playground as well, but they sell so fast they are hard to get.  Christian has slept with this quilt every night since we've had it.  He knows I purchased it for Cora's playground, and he knows her story.  I think it's sweet that he wants to snuggle up in it.  He has a big heart; I pray that will remain true.

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I think it's interesting how he didn't just make a 7, but made it block style. Is he artistic?

I mentioned you in my blog today. Have a great weekend!

March 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMindee@ourfrontdoor

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