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A Ridiculously Fun Night

So, a few weeks ago I surprised Michaela with a trip to Baylor University in Waco. On the way, she asked if we were going to tour the college; I laughed and told her no, but that she would like why we were going there.

I was right. Of course. 

We were headed to a showing of Switchfoot's upcoming movie and a concert to follow the film. And I have to be honest...I think I was just as excited as she was (once she found out what we were up to). 

Tim (on the left, the bassist) and Jon (the lead singer) came out to introduce the movie and then went backstage. We watched Fading West, which they describe as part surf-film, part rockumentary, part travelogue. It was pretty amazing. The film crew follows the band on a world tour, and they take along their surfboards and capture life on the road, in the water, and what falls in between. It was fun, and sometimes sad, and personal, and really beautiful. I told them later that I thought it was what every movie should be like.

Why yes, I did say I told them...because we got to meet them after the concert!! Stop getting ahead now!

After the film ended, the band came out on stage and, from beginning to end, rocked. it. out. They didn't play a full set because the movie was an hour and twenty minutes long, but I thought it was a great show (I didn't think it was a great show. I thought it was a [insert adjective that doesn't exist because there isn't a word to describe such a phenomenal music experience] show.), and still plenty long (they must be exhausted and so ready to get home). 

The first song was "The Sound," written in honor of and dedicated to the life work of John M. Perkins, a civil rights activist. 

The concert was personal and intimate. The theater was on the small side, so it lent itself to the back-and-forth that went on during the show. 

The guys took turns asking questions that were submitted by folks who were at the concert, and answering them, of course. One question and answer that got a lot of laughs was about advice: What advice did the band members have for these (mostly) students? Jon laughed and told them to stay in school, even though he and his brother dropped out of college to pursue their music career! He said,"Don't do that!" The funny thing is, he is so respected by his fans that I believe they will listen and take his advice to heart. 

The concert went on like that; they would do a song and then talk with the crowd a bit. 

And they just looked like they were having the best time.

Well, guess what? So were we!! 

They move around during the show, interacting with one another (the guitarists, anyway), and they truly seem to love what they do and to be very close friends. Pictures and words don't do the chemistry justice. You have to see it. And I recommend that you do! Ha! And take me with you! 


The show was already off-the-charts incredible...

And then something totally wild happened...


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Stop it. I am SO JEALOUS already!

November 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMindee@ourfrontdoor

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