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The Finale

"Dare You to Move" was the final song of the show. 

Or was it? 

It was supposed to be, but they came back out for an encore. The Fab Five all gathered together at the front of the stage, and Jon told us that they were going for an intimate, campfire-feeling with the next song.

This one was all acoustic; no one was plugged in.  

Jerome had his accordian (I think that's an accordian. It's an accordian, right?), Drew had his guitar, Tim had a tambourine, and Chad had the snare in front of him. Jon brought his voice, the others joined in with their vocals, and the whole thing was perfect. 

Like, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

If you've never heard this song, stop reading right now and google it, or youtube it, or something. It's so good.

And the live acoustic version is beautiful. 

As he did throughout the entire show, Jon encouraged the crowd to join in. 

Don't they look like they're having the best time? 

I love it! 

And the show went on! Jon introduced the next song, "Ba55," (pronounced: B-A-5-5) and they just about brought the place down with the next performance. 

I use the word epic rarely, especially in this day and age when it is used so frequently, but this song and this part of the show? 


It is a really fun song to crank up, and I have. Our speakers get loud, yo. I turn it way up when I want to get stuff done. 

Lit. It. Up. 

It was so good. 

And then it really was time for the finale. 

As I've been looking back over my pictures, I've noticed how Jon interacted with the audience; sometimes it seemed like he zeroed in on someone in particular for some reason, he didn't hesitate to reach out. 

And this last song is one in particular that I think hits home for a lot of their fans. 

"Where I Belong" 

This is another song that you have to hear. 

When I listen to the words of this one, I think,"This is Jon Foreman's Revelation Song."

Feeling like a refugee
Like it don't belong to me
The colors flash across the sky

This air feels strange to me
Feeling like a tragedy
I take a deep breath and close my eyes
One last time
One last time 

Storms on the wasteland
Dark clouds on the plains again
We were born into the fight

But I'm not sentimental
This skin and bones is a rental
And no one makes it out alive

Until I die I'll sing these songs
On the shores of Babylon
Still looking for a home
In a world where I belong

Where the weak are finally strong
Where the righteous right the wrongs
Still looking for a home 
In a world where I belong


Feels like we're just waiting, waiting
While our hearts are just breaking, breaking
Feels like we've been fighting against the tide

I wanna see the earth start shaking
I wanna see a generation
Finally waking up inside

This body's not my own
This world is not my own
But I still can hear the sound
Of my heart beating out
So let's go boys, sing it loud

And on the final day I die
I want to hold my head up high
I want to tell You that I tried
To live it like a song

And when I reach the other side
I want to look You in the eye
And know that I've arrived 
In a world where I belong

I still believe we can live forever 
You and I we begin forever now
Forever now
I still believe in us together
You and I we're here together now
Together now
Forever now
Forever now
Forever now


And I wish the concert could have lasted forever...

This time it was really over, 

and I wish I had the words to express how wonderful the whole thing was. 

Just incredible. 

It's a night with Michaela that I won't forget until my mind loses all of its capabilities. I hope she remembers it too. 

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