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Can I quote you on that?


November 8, 2012

Three things from Eliana today, while we were in Walmart...

Eliana sitting in cart: Rising up to the challenge of our rivals...!



Me: You are going to work on not saying,"I want! I want! I want!"

Eliana: I like that castle! Can I have it?!



As we walked by the electronics: I need a phone!


November 5, 2012

Eliana was sounding out the word "Nevada" and I let her do it according to the rules she knows (short vowel sounds). She said it using those sounds, and then looked at me and said it again. She tilted her head and then said it properly. She told me you couldn't really hear the "a" at the end that way. I told her about the "schwa" sound, a little. She repeated that word, schwa, and then said,"Is that French?"



November 4, 2012

Eliana was "helping" me put on my tights as I got ready for church. She huffed and puffed and said,"These are tight! Is that why they're called tights?"


October 30, 2012

Michaela was telling us about how she didn't use gloves when she dissected an owl pellet in her class today. (They said they were sanitized, so there were not germs and bacteria. Yes, I'm gagging.) She told us that one of the boys in the class asked,"You're not using gloves?!"

She told him she was not and said,"Why is that weird?"

He said,"The other girls wouldn't do that!"

She told him,"I'm not other girls."



I picked up Christian from school and from the back of the van he said his lips were chapped and that it was poking like bristles on his lips. I told him maybe he was getting a mustache. He was emphatic when he said,"It's not hair."





October 29, 2012

We are often a minute late to our Tuesday class (there is no is half a mile away) (maybe three-quarters) (I have said, when we used to live across the street from the church, we could live in the sanctuary, and we might be on time to church) and this afternoon Michaela asked if we could please be early tomorrow. She said,"We can plan on being there by 8:45 and that way we'll get there at 9 (it starts at 9:15)." She's onto me...


Mike said something to me and ended with what I thought was,"Babe." I said,"Did you just call me "Babe"? (He has never called me that, that I can remember.) I was kind of chuckling. He said,"I said,'Dude.' 'Dave' would have been a little weird." I laughed at that, and said,"I said,'Babe!'"

Apparently we both need hearing aids.


October 14, 2012

This afternoon, we were leaving a picnic after church. As we walked to the car, Christian said,"I love today!" with a happy sigh.


Later this afternoon, he was sitting on the floor with his back to the rest of us on the couch. Michaela started playing her tin whistle. Without looking, he cried out,"Eliana!" in an irritated tone of voice. He then turned to see that it was Michaela playing, laughed, and said,"Oh, I thought it was Eliana!" Eliana asked,"Because I'm so annoying?"


September 30, 2012

This past weekend, it rained almost two full days. It had finally stopped by Sunday afternoon, and as we walked up to the front door after church, Christian said,"We need to water our plants!"

I told him I didn't think so.


September 21, 2012

Michaela spent part of the day at a friend's house. Eliana was lying on the floor with Michaela once she returned home and Eliana said,"You smell like [friend's] house."

She has never been over there. Funny girl.

I asked Eliana what that meant and she said,"She doesn't smell like Michaela."

Michaela asked her,"Do I usually smell like something?"

Eliana replied,"Yes."

Michaela asked,"What?"

Eliana told her emphatically,"Michaela!"

Of course!


September 21, 2012

I was sitting here with Christian and first he told me that people "think" I'm super duper funny, and I said,"But I'm not in real life?" and he replied,"No. Just on your blog."

A few minutes later I told him that I graduated from high school 20 years ago and I asked him if he could believe I was that old. He immediately said,"Yes!"




September 20, 2012

I found this gem written on a slip of paper in a book I'm reading.

One night I asked Eliana, who was fussing about having to clean up her room, what kind of a house our house would look like if no one ever cleaned anything up. She thought for a few seconds and then told me,"A fun house!"


September 17, 2012

Christian was doing his homework and I was upstairs talking to Mike. I heard him calling things out, and then I heard him say,"Please, I need someone with a college degree..."


September 2012

The other day I gave Eliana my phone and told her to take pictures of pretty things. She said,"You're pretty, Mommy!" and took my picture. That was pretty sweet.

Tonight she came over to get in my lap. She smiled and said,"Do you smell something that smells like a toot?" I said,"Yes! Why?" She said,"Because I tooted." Not so sweet.


September 1, 2012

Christian lobbying to use the iPad:

I want to do some research.

What do you want to research?

We want to look up some words.

Well, we have a dictionary and a thesaurus that you can use for that.

Well, I don't think the words will be in those.

What do you mean? What kind of words do you want to look up?

Words like "lymphic". And, well, I don't know how to pronounce it, but it's spelled c-l-o-s-t-r. There is no "e" between the "t" and the "r". 

I don't think you'll find the words you're looking for on the iPad either, but here are the books you can use to check them out.

(Christian heads the other way.)

(Good effort, buddy.)


August 27, 2012

Eliana was telling Mike the classification of living things:


When she finished her list, he asked her what species she is. She said,"A pig."