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Can I quote you on that?


June 12, 2012

Christian: Pretty much all of the good shows we watch are cartoons.

Michaela: Not really.

Christian: Mm-hmm.

Michaela: Good Luck Charlie.

Christian: That isn't good.

Michaela: Yes it is.

Christian: It's about romance.


June 11, 2012

Eliana wanted to play a guessing game. She said,"I'm thinking of a car." I said,"A van?" She said,"But it's a type of van." I said,"A minivan?" She told me no, and then asked if I gave up. I nodded and she said,"Ikea!" (We have a Kia Sedona.)


June 7, 2012

Eliana: Mom, everybody has to ask if they can come in my room. Except grown-ups.


June 2012

Here are a few gems from Christian.


Michaela was telling Christian about how she hurt her hand while she was on her mission trip. Earlier, Michaela had mentioned that she had hurt it on a stake. We also knew a sledgehammer was involved. Christian looked at her quizzically and asked,"How exactly did you hurt your hand on a steak?" 


Christian saw several wrappers from some Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs lying on the coffee table (Mike is the guilty one regarding those, thank you very much). He picked one up that actually still had the candy in it. He shook it and said to me,"This one is still loaded! Can I have it?"


Tonight the kids were working on a sign for some friends who are about to celebrate a 25th anniversary. He said,"This is silver. Jack and Gloria might make it to golden!" 


A Lot of Months! 2012

Here are some funny things that I've heard around here, and "jotted" down in my phone, because that's usually around. I kept forgetting to transfer I'm just going to do it all at once!


One night Eliana said to me, out of the blue,"I don't want to be a mommy. I want to be a princess." I told her she would have to marry a prince in order to be a princess and she was quiet for a moment. Then she said,"I want to be a horse."


In the class that Michaela and Eliana were in this year, there was a lot of memorization...just flat out memorizing different kinds of facts. One of the categories was grammar, and part of the grammar was memorizing the principal parts of some irregular verbs. We did the verb "to shake," which goes: to shake; shake/shakes; shook; shaking; shaken. At the end of that section on the CD that we have, Eliana said,"They forgot milkshakes." 


We were in the dairy section at the grocery store, passing the eggs. Eliana saw the cartons of brown eggs and cried out,"Chocolate eggs, Mommy!" 


Once Eliana was making a case for going to the playground. She asked me,"Can we please go to the playground, for the fresh air?"


As I was driving one day, someone honked at me, and Eliana asked from the back seat,"Who horned at you?"


Christian likes to play guessing games, and often starts them in the car. One day he called out,"What is a state that starts with the letter 'A'?" Michaela said,"Arkansas." Eliana looked at her dubiously and said,"That starts with 'R'!"


Christian started another game in which he asked us to guess an animal that started with the letter "Z." Of course, the first guess was "zebra," which was incorrect. He told us it lives in the sea. No one had a guess right away, and he told us the answer was "zooplankton." Eliana burst out,"Yes! I was just about to guess that!"


I cannot remember the exact context of this one, but I must have said,"Who's a donut fan?!" Eliana exclaimed enthusiastically,"I'm a donut fan!" Then she asked,"What does 'donut fan' mean?"


Eliana was lying in her bed one night with her stuffed bear; she informed me that he did not have sharp claws. (Thank goodness!)


One day the kids were playing a game. Eliana stopped to tell me about it; it was a training game. After her training, she got her power. I guessed what power she received, but I was wrong. She told me her power was shooting out spider webs, but then she said,"But I wanted to shoot out rainbows." 


The girls were in Sam's Club with me recently and we saw one of those automatic robot floor sweepers, the disc that zooms around and dusts your floor for you. Eliana pointed to it and said,"You have to get that!" I said,"I don't!" She said,"But I saw it on TV!"


As we drove one day, we saw a huge flock of birds flying together. Eliana said,"That's a lot of birds! I guess they're playing follow the leader!"


Phew! And there are about 100 that I never got to write down! 




April 24, 2012

Christian was messing with the Wii Fit. He came to a section that asked about his clothes, in order to get a good approximate weight. Christian chose, and said out loud,"My clothes are light." Eliana looked at him in his navy shorts and navy shirt and said,"You think they're light, but they're actually dark."


April 18, 2012

I was admiring Christian's creativity at the dinner table; I said,"You're pretty great, you know." 

He said,"Yeah."


April 13, 2012

Today Eliana looked at the tree through our skylight in the entryway and asked,"Did God paint the leaves green?"


April 8, 2012

I took the kids to the sunrise Easter service this morning. We were going to meet Mike, but we never connected. After the service, I checked my messages on my phone and he had called. He had left a message saying that I had his shoes (from when we picked him up on Tuesday at work and headed to the Rangers' game) in the van. I tried calling, but got no answer. I decided to try to find him and deliver his shoes. Christian asked what we were doing and if we were going home. I told him that I needed to find his dad because we had his shoes. He said,"He's barefoot?!"


February 13, 2012

Christian was doing his homework while I looked at a couple of blogs.  I left a comment for Big Mama and Christian said,"Do you always leave a comment for her?"  I told him no, and that she got a lot of comments.  He asked how many I got and I said,"Between 1 and 6," which is probably a very generous estimate on my part!  He looked at me and said sweetly and maybe sympathetically,"That's probably because nobody reads your blog."  He makes me laugh.


February 2, 2012

I was showing Christian a picture of Notre Dame, the cathedral, and I was explaining how you pronounce it it French, but how we say it in English.  I said,"You didn't know I could speak French, did you?  Or read it."  He turned so that his bottom was toward me and said,"I can toot Latin."  



January 31, 2012

Mike relayed this story to me.  Apparently there are several girls in Christian's class who are in love with him. Christian said,"Why do people in third grade have to be in love?  Shouldn't you wait until you are in college, or high school?"


January 19, 2012

Michaela used a new dish towel to clean up a water spill.  I said,"Please use paper towels next time you spill water."  She said,"That is very wasteful."  I said,"Have you seen my laundry pile?"  She said,"Have you seen the garbage pile in the bottom of the ocean?"  I said,"What does that have to do with paper towels?  Is that where they end up?"  She said it was and went over to Eliana and said,"Isn't that right?"  Eliana looked at her and replied,"Don't ask me."

It's not just what she says, it's how she says it.


December 19, 2011

I just told Christian that his food was ready.  He asked,"What is it?"  I told him,"A poop sandwich," because, clearly, I am an excellent mother.  (It was hot dogs.)  He quietly said,"What?!"  A couple of seconds later Eliana comforted him with,"I think it's a hamburger."


Then he was singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight.  I began singing part of it, and he told me to do it from the beginning. my best singing voice I belted out,"In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!"  I of course added the "Wheee-eee-eee-eee-eee--wee-embumbaweah".  He said,"We make a great team."


November 4, 2011

Eliana this morning:

How does Lowly drive?

Pretend I'm a little kid.