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Can I quote you on that?


October, 2011

I turned on the light in the car as we were driving home tonight and Eliana said,"Did you do that?"  I said,"Yes."  She asked why and I told her so I could look at her (I wanted to check and see if she was falling asleep).  She said,"But it's distracting for you!"  (I have told them I won't turn on the light at night because it makes it hard for me to drive, most of the time.)


Me:  Look at all my hair falling out!
Eliana:  That's because the gray hair is coming in.


We had been driving around for most of the afternoon.  Eliana called out from her seat,"When are we gonna be home?  Never?!


Michaela told Eliana her hair looked so pretty.  Eliana said,"I know!"


I recently rearranged some things in the kitchen.  Christian went looking for the hot dog buns and opened the bread box.  He found dish towels.  "Where are the buns?!"  I never said I made sense.


Christian:  You know the girl in that commercial?
Me:  Well, there are many...
Christian:  She sings,"My rock is shining bright..."
Me:  Oh, JLo.
Christian:  She's a good singer.  Is she famous for it?
Me:  (chuckle) Yes.


Eliana was watching the guys in the bullpen.  She asked me,"Are they playing catch?"


Christian responded to a car commercial's outrageous claims (while he was reading and without looking up):  Yeah, right.  Nice try.  Not true.




October 3, 2011

Michaela (to Eliana):  I am so brilliant.

Eliana:  Yeah, you are.

Michaela:  No, Eliana, I was just kidding I'm not brilliant.

Eliana:  I'm brilliant.

Michaela:  Yes, you are.

Eliana:  I know.

Michaela:  Very brilliant.

Eliana:  We both are.



September 16, 2011

I did several stupid things today.  For the sake of posterity I am going to write them down.

This morning I thought that I might have missed a call from Mike, so I dialed his cell number; imagine my surprise when a strange man's voice answered (mumbled),"hh-llo."  I said,"Is Mike there?"  I was confused.  The guy said something indistinguishable, and I hung up.  I double checked the number that I called.  I had gotten the area code correct, then entered the first three numbers of our home phone number and the last four numbers of Mike's cell.  Yep.  That was definitely not going to get Mike.


I went to Michael's (the store, not the office) in order to get some cardstock paper that Wendy told me about; it was on sale 2 packs for $5.  I went over to the scrapbooking section and looked up and down for the sale sign, but all I saw was one that said 4/$10.  (I'm sure you already know where this is going.)  I walked all through the store to see if they had the paper somewhere else, but alas they did not.  I was returning to the front of the store and I surely had a puzzled and dejected look on my face as I passed a (VERY TALL) man who worked there.  He stopped and said,"Finding everything okay?"  I told him of the deal that my sister-in-law told me about and wondered out loud if maybe the deals were different in different parts of the country.  He said,"We do have the four for $10 over there...which, is actually $2.50 per pack.  So...that is two for $5."  He had a very nice smile on his face, and as it registered in my ridiculously feeble brain what he had said I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I said something like,"Oh!  That is the same, isn't it?!"  I also said,"I'm such a ding-dong," which is a very mature thing to say to the guy who works in Michael's. 


I was almost home this afternoon.  I turned onto the street from which you turn to get onto our street.  I was going to park in front because it was raining a bit and I had pizza to carry in.  So, I drove right past our street altogether and all of the kids cried out,"Mom!  Why did you drive past our street?!"


So...I like to chalk things up to the Mom Brain.  How about you?


August 16, 2011

Today Eliana and I were playing Memory.  She turned over an airplane and knew exactly where the other airplane was from earlier in the game.  When she turned the other one over I told her,"Good job!"  She said,"I rememberized it!"




August 3, 2011

We are at the beach getting ready for company.  The girls have been cleaning the kids' room, and took it upon themselves to clean the bathroom as well.  Cousin C. came out and said cheerfully,"I like all this preparating."  Wendy and I decided we need to send her into the middle bathroom also.


July, 2011

We have been on vacation, but I have been keeping track of the funny things that Eliana says. 

I drove from Florida to North Carolina.  I had the three girls in my car (no, we did not acquire an extra daughter along the way, and lose Christian...the third girl is my niece), and Eliana was in the seat directly behind mine.  She reached her bare foot up at one point and poked and scrinched her toes on my arm.  I said,"Don't kick me!" with a smile.  She said,"I'm toes-ing you!"

Wendy gave the kids Oreos the other day after dinner, and Eliana was the last one to finish.  She was savoring her cookies like it was her job.  As she sat there licking the last of the icing off of one of the chocolate sides Wendy said,"She's milkin' it!"  Eliana added,"I do like to put it in my milk!"

Wendy's son (Christian's age) had a net in the ocean, trying to catch fish.  It was the kind that has weights around the bottom, you turn in a circle, and then raise and throw the net out in the water.  He had worked hard to get all that right, and had caught a couple of small fish, too.  At one point he had it bunched up in a funky way, and Wendy said,"What is he doing with that net?!"  Eliana, sitting near us playing in the sand told her,"He's fishing!" 


June 24, 2011

This morning Eliana asked me out of the blue,"When did Grandpa have hair on the top of his head?"


June 23, 2011

I was drawing pictures for Eliana to cut out:  a star, a flower, a pencil.  She asked for a picture of me, so I drew an oval face with long hair on the sides.  I included ears, but the line for her to cut followed the hair, the curve of chin and then back to the hair.  She tried to cut one ear out but I told her she only needed to cut under the chin.  She started doing that, and then said,"But Mom, you usually have two chins."


June 17, 2011

I started a project this afternoon, and Mom was sitting with me.  I was working on a cabinet to hang in our bathroom.  Dad came in from the garage and asked what we were doing.  Mom replied,"We're trying to be like that guy!"  Dad said,"I have no idea what that means.  Beavis or Butthead?"

It was pretty awesome.


May 23, 2011

I believe I've mentioned how much I like baseball recently.  After a double play in tonight's game I did a little dance in my chair, using my arms mostly.  Christian looked at me and said,"Um, Mom, did you know you're weird a little?"

A little?  Try a lot.


May 22, 2011

This morning:

Me:  (trying on shorts and discovering that many of them are now too tight) Oh, these won't work!  My hips are just too...(making motion with hands indicating the spreading out of my hips).

Michaela:  Maybe you need to wear a corset.


This evening:

(Lying down with Eliana to get her to sleep)

E:  I love you even but your tummy is so big. (Translation:  I love you even though your tummy is so big.)


All right, all right, I get it!  I need to shed a few.

Tears?  Yes, but I suppose pounds as well.



May 13, 2011

Michaela and I are sitting here reading these very quotes and as she was laughing I heard a small sound, a high-pitched "whirrrrrt" sound.  She told me her bottom was laughing.



May 8, 2011

From Eliana today...

While watching a cartoon that was something Michaela and Christian never watched when they were three, but watch now, Eliana came over and sat next to me and said,"This part is freaking me out."  I said,"Well, you don't have to watch it."  She said,"But I like it."

At another point in this particular show there characters surfing really big waves and she said,"I so want to do that!"


And from Michaela...

I had finished Michaela's devotion with her which was about her future husband.  She thought that was funny considering the fact that she is only 10.  She told me she didn't really think about stuff like that since she probably wasn't going to get married for about 12 more years.  Then I prayed with her and in my prayer mentioned that I had prayed for her future husband before and that I prayed he was a godly man who loved the Lord and loved her as Christ loved the Church.  After I said,"Amen," she followed up with,"Mushy!"


May 5, 2011

I am a brilliant conversationalist.  See the following for proof.


Me: (at pick-up window at Chick-Fil-A drive-thru) Can I get an extra...(thinking...thinking...) box?

Teenage Boy: Box?  Like...a box?  Um...(looking at me quizzacally), do you mean a box for chicken nuggets?

Me:  (laughing)  Yes.  Haha, I have trouble coming up with what I'm trying to say...ever since being a mom.  (thinking, what a stupid thing to say to this boy)

Teenage Boy:  (smiling nicely)  Yeah, I know what you mean. 

Me:  (smiling)

Teenage Boy:  I mean, not really, but...I have a mom, so...


April, 2011

April was a month full of laughs thanks to Eliana.  This girl says the funniest things and I wish I could remember all of them.  Here are a few of the things that had us giggling.  She's hilarious and sweet.

Christian introduced us to a game called "Speed Limits" where you try to spot speed limit signs and tally up the numbers on them faster than the other people in the car can.  Eliana wanted to play, too, and would call out,"What's my number?!"  We'd tell her,"60," or,"130!"  She was happy.  But the best part is that she calls speed limits "speed lemons".

She authoritatively informed us one afternoon that,"nine is nine."  It's good to know that the order of the cosmos remains intact.

I opened up a large container of yogurt to scoop some out for her and she looked in it and saw that the whey had separated from the yogurt in several places (where I had scooped it before, leaving little wells); she said,"It all melted!"

When she saw the picture of her sleeping on Mike at the baseball game the other day she said,"That's me!" and then she told him,"I'm lovin' on you."

The other night Christian and Michaela were talking about how everything is made of molecules and atoms.  Eliana does not want to be left out of any conversation and was quick to add,"And Eves!"

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