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November 15, 2012

We made our way to gate C18 for a connecting flight today, and Michaela looked at the number and said,"We need to go over there," pointing to C16. I told her that we were at the correct gate and she insisted that I had told her it was C16 before. I told her again it was C18 and pointed out the flight info on the board at our gate. 

A few minutes later the attendant at the counter made an announcement regarding our flight; there was a problem and we were now waiting for a new plane to take the place of the plane at our gate. After waiting a little bit, the man took up the microphone again and announced that we were actually moving to another gate, which was open and available. Michaela was delighted to hear that it was C16. She was right after all. We got a laugh out of that.



Just before our final flight landed, I noticed that Christian had his seat belt undone. I told him to buckle it quickly or he was going to get in trouble. Five seconds later, the flight attendant tapped me on the shoulder and asked me very kindly to buckle my seat belt, please. I looked down, and sure enough, it was undone. I had forgotten to put it back together after I had unhooked it to let Christian out to use the restroom. Christian thought that was pretty funny...I was the one who "got in trouble."



Tonight, as the kids were still acting a little wild and excited about being at my parents' house, I looked at my mom and said,"No one's ready for bed!" She looked at me with a tired expression and said,"Oh, really?" She makes me laugh. It's good to be here. 

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