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November 28, 2012

Today I was at the gas station and while I was waiting for the gas to finish pumping, I looked in the window of the car at the girls. I could also see my reflection. What I noticed was a giant volcano of a zit just under my nose, as well as the flyaway baby hairs that grow like horns out of the sides of my hairline just at my temples/forehead area. Michaela was looking at me through the window and I pointed to my zit and said,"This," then I made a plus sign with my fingers and said,"Plus this," and pointed to the crazy hair, and then I made an equals sign with my fingers and then said,"Pretty!" She laughed and so did I. Then she kind of rolled her eyes.

I opened the car door and said, jokingly,"Did you roll your eyes at your momma?!" She said,"I rolled my eyes because you think you're ugly!"

I thought that was sweet. I told her that I knew I wasn't ugly, but that I had certainly had better days. :)

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