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Returning to Normalcy

I suppose in order to return to a particular location you have to have been there in the first place.  This is probably true with state of being as well, no?

At any rate, I feel at odds with "carrying on".  I am still weeping over the loss of the little girl Cora, for her sweet, faithful family, and for the suffering and grief that other parents are going through who have lost a child.  I have had to choke back tears so many times today, just doing "normal" things because it hurts to know that there are parents who will not be able to do those same things again.  Leaving a sleeping baby snuggled in the bed.  Sticking the little one in the high chair for lunch.  Watching the oldest practice the piano.  Brushing their teeth.  Seeing the three of them interact.  Even cleaning up their mess. 

There is sorrow in my delight.

I pray that it takes some direction.  There must be somewhere to go with all of this. 

In the meantime I will continue to pray for them, as well as others.  Focus on others...that is a good thing. 


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