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I Have Nothing to Say; Do You Want to Hear It

I spoke with Wendy today and she said,"You haven't blogged in a while." I told her I ran out of things to say. Our days look the same, for the most part. How much does anyone want to see the girls doing math or reading or history? Other than doing schoolwork, the kids are at church, in choir, and once a week Christian has been playing baseball.

I decided to look at my phone pictures, and I did come up with some moments that are mundane, yes, but are also part of what keeps the mundane from becoming seemingly meaningless. From pants twisted around my washing machine agitator (which certainly lives up to its name at a moment like that) to Christian's creative version of being obedient and staying out of the sand pit, these scenes do manage to keep the days from being as monotonous as I might have thought. What are your days full of?



A while back, my sister-in-law sent me an email with a brilliant suggestion. She proposed that the two of us make a plan and she even had a name for it: GOBIG. GOBIG, or Get Our Butts in Gear, would encompass eating, exercise, and household maintenance. 

Considering I ate three doughtnuts today as well as the equivalent of an entire slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, it seems that I'm taking the GOBIG philosophy in a direction that is the exact opposite of its intended purpose. 

Two Sundays ago I caught a glimpse of my arm in the window of my van as I was pumping gas. I was quite surprised to see such an arm attached to my body; it didn't look like what I thought my arm looked like at all! When we got home, I changed into exercise clothes and faced off with Jillian Michaels and her assistants. It wasn't pretty, but I got started on the 30-Day Shred without any hesitation. (Seriously? I was in pain for days. My legs, my abs, and those muscles across the top of my chest (pecs? Do I have pecs? Apparently I do.) were so sore, it hurt to erase the whiteboard. I'm not even kidding.) 

I began the exercising, however, I did not make drastic changes to my diet. I did cut way (WAY) back on my soda intake, which I think is a good start. The truth is, I need to stop drinking it altogether. It has no redeeming qualities (assuaging my frustration is not a good quality...I know this) and in fact, has the potential to do great harm to my body (and probably my mind). 

So, I did the exercise video for the first ten days, skipping one day because MY ALLERGIES! WERE! KILLING! ME! and the Rangers lost game #163 and were done for the season. Then I took a break yesterday, and I can't really remember why, but I think I had a reason. Today I did not exercise because I ate half my calories for the day in dessert, and on a day like that, exercise just seems pointless. A waste of time. I can see on the one side that some might make the argument that on a day like that exercise seems like exactly the right thing to do. But those people are clearly not thinking straight. 

Me? I? I am thinking quite straight. I say: Tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday, the start of a new week, is a perfect day to start fresh. Sunday, October 6, 2013, is a great day to GOBIG! 

Which means I will not GO to Sonic for a BIG drink. Nor will I GO to the fridge for a BIG piece of cheesecake. I will do my part to Get One's Butt in Gear, namely, this one Christina Walker! Wendy...are you with me?! 


As It Should Be

Do you ever have a day in which every single thing you try to accomplish is a little bit (or much more!) off? That was my day today. Nothing catastrophic happened...just nothing went the way that I thought it would. 

One of those things was a parents' meeting this morning during the Sunday school hour. (Sunday School? Is that capitalized? I don't know these things...please advise.) I ended up only hearing the final seven minutes or so, but what I heard was something that I have tried to put into words, but not been able to before. Jim, our Minister to Children and Youth, was the speaker for this event, and he ended his talk by pointing out Hollywood's movie formula: 

Everything is wonderful in the beginning.
A problem arises and the wonderfulness is broken.
There is struggle. (And more struggle. And the struggle goes on.)
There is a stand-off between the good guy and the bad guy.
The good guy wins.
The ending is Happily-Ever-After.

His point? Hollywood film-makers present the gospel message in (just about) every single movie, and they don't even know they're doing it. And the thing that I have thought about before and never put into words very well is that there is this longing in each of us for that happy ending, and it's there for a reason. It is there because we are designed to long for it, we know how things ought to be, and we want more than anything for the world to be as it should.

I thought that his point was great. It's a great way to enter into conversation with someone about the gospel, even if it's just a start, or something to give them to think about. 

Today my happy ending might include a cleaned-up school room...I suppose I'll have to get busy for that to happen. But one day? Well, either we won't be so messy or we'll be much better about cleaning as we go along. Ha. A light-hearted joke, but, oh, how I long for all of it to be made right...


A Plan...Does That Scare You?

I am considering a new plan. I'm not sure if it's the most brilliant idea I've ever had or scarily stupid.

With Michaela, I need to spend one day each week on a single subject, except math, which we all know should be done every day, first thing in the morning.

But not before breakfast! Eating breakfast is crucial for our brains to function at maximum capacity. Clearly I have not been eating breakfast as I should.

Transitioning from one subject to another takes us so long. I can't explain it. So it just seems to make sense to spend an extended period of time really focusing on a particular area of study each day.

This idea is coming to you a little tongue-in-cheek, but only a little...I really may have to do an experiment one week. (And during that week, we will actually get an experiment done, because science gets Thursday...see? It's a great idea.)


Early to Bed... 

This school year is, quite frankly, kicking my butt. I am ready for bed right this minute. At 8:42pm. Do you know me? This is not my normal

Do you capitalize m.o.? I'm too tired to look it up.

I seriously do not have an intelligent thing to say. I did start the 30-Day Shred again. I've done it for three days. I would rather be in labor than start exercising. It hurts. It hurts when I sneeze. It hurts when I turn the steering wheel. It hurts when I erase the white board. It hurts when I go upstairs. It hurts when I go downstairs. It hurts when I move my foot from the gas to the brake pedal.

Guess what? It hurts!

I felt like poo tonight after dinner, and I was very close to showering and going to bed, but then I got mad and figured I might as well do the video since I felt cruddy anyway. You know what? I didn't feel so bad once I was done. I don't know what that means, but I hope it's good.

My eyeballs are burning, and so I think I'm going to try to sleep. Who knows...maybe I'm finally turning into a normal person.

Haha...that was pretty funny, right?

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