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A Ridiculously Fun Night

So, a few weeks ago I surprised Michaela with a trip to Baylor University in Waco. On the way, she asked if we were going to tour the college; I laughed and told her no, but that she would like why we were going there.

I was right. Of course. 

We were headed to a showing of Switchfoot's upcoming movie and a concert to follow the film. And I have to be honest...I think I was just as excited as she was (once she found out what we were up to). 

Tim (on the left, the bassist) and Jon (the lead singer) came out to introduce the movie and then went backstage. We watched Fading West, which they describe as part surf-film, part rockumentary, part travelogue. It was pretty amazing. The film crew follows the band on a world tour, and they take along their surfboards and capture life on the road, in the water, and what falls in between. It was fun, and sometimes sad, and personal, and really beautiful. I told them later that I thought it was what every movie should be like.

Why yes, I did say I told them...because we got to meet them after the concert!! Stop getting ahead now!

After the film ended, the band came out on stage and, from beginning to end, rocked. it. out. They didn't play a full set because the movie was an hour and twenty minutes long, but I thought it was a great show (I didn't think it was a great show. I thought it was a [insert adjective that doesn't exist because there isn't a word to describe such a phenomenal music experience] show.), and still plenty long (they must be exhausted and so ready to get home). 

The first song was "The Sound," written in honor of and dedicated to the life work of John M. Perkins, a civil rights activist. 

The concert was personal and intimate. The theater was on the small side, so it lent itself to the back-and-forth that went on during the show. 

The guys took turns asking questions that were submitted by folks who were at the concert, and answering them, of course. One question and answer that got a lot of laughs was about advice: What advice did the band members have for these (mostly) students? Jon laughed and told them to stay in school, even though he and his brother dropped out of college to pursue their music career! He said,"Don't do that!" The funny thing is, he is so respected by his fans that I believe they will listen and take his advice to heart. 

The concert went on like that; they would do a song and then talk with the crowd a bit. 

And they just looked like they were having the best time.

Well, guess what? So were we!! 

They move around during the show, interacting with one another (the guitarists, anyway), and they truly seem to love what they do and to be very close friends. Pictures and words don't do the chemistry justice. You have to see it. And I recommend that you do! Ha! And take me with you! 


The show was already off-the-charts incredible...

And then something totally wild happened...



I Mustache You a Question...

Do you want a howling good time?

Just add facial hair. For hairlarity. Hi-hair-larity.

The kids always look forward to Grandma and Grandpa's goody-bags. 

But the inclusion of mustaches in the Halloween bags might be the win of the century, and we're only thirteen years into it. 


I mean, this was some good comedy. 

For the Grands and for me watching all of it. 

I could barely take pictures because I was laughing so hard, but I think they could barely breathe because they were laughing so hard. 

We were in stitches and tears. 

And Christian just kept being funny. I honestly don't even know what he was saying or doing; all I remember is laughing at them laughing at him. 

Apparently, he is a comic genius. 

So. Much. Laughing. 

Michaela donned a 'stache too, but Christian stole center stage that night. 

We'll just have to shave it for later. 


I Want to Run

Any place but where I am
Is where I want to be
I can't make peace this side of green

Fighting demons in my head
Wears me out, wears me thin
I want to run, I want to run
But there's no place, no safe space,
Free from me
I'll always be where I am

Which direction should I take
I never was so good
With knowing east from west
It'd all feel the same and lost,
So lost, is where I'd end up every time

Aimless on an endless path till
Someone catches onto me,
Grabs and holds and won't let go

Strong hands set me right
I want to run, I want to run
Into these arms that hold and
Won't let go


Can I Call My Own Bluff?

So, I wrote a goodbye post last week.


I'm full of surprises, aren't I?

The day after I wrote the post, I dropped the kids off at choir and immediately burst into tears. I can't explain how I knew my sadness was related to the idea that I wouldn't be blogging in the foreseeable future, but I did know it. I had thought my well of words had run dry, but when I published that post, suddenly there was a bubbling fountain of fresh words that wanted to pour out as much as those tears were flowing so freely down my face.

I realized that there was a problem, but my solution was incorrect. At least, I think that is the case. This is not a math theorem with a proof. (Please note: I have no idea if that even makes sense because WORD PERSON, so bear with me.) So in my haste to fix, or take a step to fix, what has been causing sadness, I made a quick decision. I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with me (read: I'm wrestling), and I hope to try to work some of it out by maintaining this journal, instead of tossing aside something I love just because of some difficulty.

Brilliant, no?

Plus, there are things I want to remember, yo. And based on the way I forget why I walked into a room from across the house, clearly my mind isn't up to the task of retaining awesome memories forever.

So, Mom, you don't have to look at those durned burned muffins anymore. And if you keep coming back, you'll see a mustache...that isn't even mine!


A Big Dinner

When you are in the process of cooking dinner to deliver to the Sunday evening college ministry in a few hours, this is not the way you want your corn bread muffins to turn out. If Grandma Lillie were coming to dinner, that is one thing...although, I only know about her affinity for black-bottomed biscuits, and am not sure about corn bread.

I even managed to set off the fire alarm.

Once I got the alarm off, I had to decide what to do with the rest of my batter. I chose to make a 9x13 dish of corn bread, and since I don't have two ovens, it was with great fear and trepidation that I slid the dish with what was left of my precious batter back into my moody oven.

The corn bread came out perfectly that time (so much so that I wanted to eat it myself), and by then I was well on my way to a giant batch of white chicken chili.

Do you know what happens when you use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth in white chicken chili? You get orange chicken chili. I was trying to make a small portion for a vegetarian student, so I needed to use the veggie never occurred to me that vegetable broth would be so, well, veggie colored.

It simmered down, literally and figuratively, after a bit, and I put the chili into two big aluminum pans to heat through in the oven. Suddenly it was 4:06 and I still had to put brownies on a platter, put a lid on the salad (no salad shenanigans...thank you), and get everything in the car to go over to the church, drop the kids off at choir, and deliver the food. I have a great deal of respect for those who cook for large groups, especially daily. Whoa.

Y'all, I didn't even taste the chili before I took it over. I hope it was okay. I did, however, taste the brownies, which were just fine.

I've never had a problem with brownies...making or eating them.

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