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Another Poem


Sometimes white and sometimes yellow,

Sometimes mild and mellow,

Other times it can be strong,

I cannot go for long

Without this tasty stuff.

Enchiladas, pizza, soups-enough, enough, enough!

It's sure to please,

Go have some cheese,

Except for those

For whom lactose

Causes indigestion,

Please ignore above suggestion.



Strings attached

Something burns

And pulls inside and shifts and weighs it down

A smile through tears makes little sense

Unless there's love involved

Pain and happiness, companions

Strange and true, no other way

A loss is losing for the gain

Was great and now there is a gap



P.S.  This is about someone I know, two someones actually, they have a broken heart.  It's about a lost pet.  It affected me and this is what came of it.


A Poem

There is to me a wonderful

Sweet and special thing.

It's name is music to my ears

And makes me want to sing.

Oh, chocolate, oh, chocolate,

I love to eat some chocolate.

I want to eat it every day,

I love to eat a lot of it.

This passion that I have will sound

Unnatural to some,

But really chocolate's by far

The best of nature's balms.

I say once more that I so love

That silky remedy,

Sweet or bittersweet and rich-

A chocolate kind of treat.

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