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There is a place to lay your head-

While once it was upon your bed

Or in my arms where you would rest,

It's now upon the Saviour's breast.

He made a promise He shall keep,

I know because His love is deep-

No matter how the river's wide,

His hands across will safely guide.

And when the waves begin to rise

And when the storm drowns out my cries

I'll lift my hands and will not doubt

The Saviour Who will pull me out

Of stormy seas, and rivers wild

Onto a shore with weather mild

Where I will find there's only light

The darkness gone, it's taken flight.

Here is a place that's been restored,

A place for worshiping the Lord,

A place of calm and peace and rest,

A place to lay my head, His breast.


in memory of Cora



A Little Off the Top


There is a little gnome

Who runs around our home;

He opens up a chocolate

And takes a little bite of it.

How strange to eat the top-

I myself could not there stop.

I have to eat it all,

But this gnome he must be small.

So a little bit will do,

The rest is left for me or you.

I do not eat what others bite

And though it does not seem right

This chocolate will have to go

Into the trash, it's sad, I know.

So, little gnome, please do not eat

The chocolates we have as treats

Unless you plan to finish them-

We do not want the chocolate bottom.




what a monster you are



sometimes you leave death

sometimes you leave pain

sometimes you leave sorrow

when will you just leave

there is someone bigger than you are



What a Saviour He Is



I ran lots of errands today,

Came home, dinner got under way.

Things were going quite awesome, when I thought of my bottom

And remembered the brown paint had stayed.


A Limerick


Think "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones

I'm feeling kind of yucky

But I think it's in my head

My house is a disaster

I just want to go to bed

I'm waiting for another kid

To throw up in a towel

But I think that if that happens

I might just have to howl

I should be getting ready

For school tomorrow morn

But instead I'm on this website

Writing nonsense, so forlorn

There are dishes on the counter

And luggage still unpacked

The laundry's coming out

Into my kitchen to attack

I wish that I could close my eyes

And make it disappear

But that's just not the way it goes

And so I'll shed some tears

And then I have to go unload

Clean dishes so that I

Can load up all the dirty ones

And wipe the counters dry

I really should sweep up the mud

Collecting near the door

It makes the entry look so gross

And somehow covers all my floor

I want so much to have it clean

But just can't get it right

And now it's late and all I want

Is to scream,"GOOD NIGHT!"


"Oh, no, no, no, no, no..."