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Some Faces, Mostly Feet

 Oh, how I love pictures of feet!  I do!  I love pictures of my babies' feet.  I love pictures of their feet now.  I love pictures of my own feet.

Pictures of feet can tell a story.

This week at I Heart Faces is a non-competition week, and they are focusing on feet (you probably could have guessed that).  Fun!  They are also raising awareness for an organization that does some good for others' feet.  Soles 4 Souls is a charity that collects shoes and gives them away to those who need them.  They do this in countries all over the world, with the help of both companies and individuals who donate shoes.  They are helping to make many someones' stories a little better.


Tucked knees,

Peeping toes.

Big shoes to fill,

But toes will grow.

Toes in water

Get all pruney;

Toes on land

Sometimes get spoony.

Toes and feet

Have things to do-

Sometimes bare,

Sometimes with shoes.

Wrapped up toes

Don't have much fun.

Needles and toes

Don't get along!

(Take it from me;

I'll skip the pic,

But if you're curious

Give a click.)

But once they heal

They like the sand.

They show off tricks

Like handstands.

(Well, maybe that

Is the hands' little trick,

But it's my poem

So the words will stick.)

An auntie's toes

Play hide and seek.

Toes chase balls

Around the beach.



Toes are good for a lot of things,

Useful digits on our feet.

Take pictures of the ones around you;

It will be a treasure sweet.



Head on over to I Heart Faces for some more wonderful pictures of feet!





Arise my soul, arise and sing,

From the depths an anthem bring-

A song of praise, a song of love;

Arise and see your King!

Think of Him upon the tree-

Bleeding, dying, all for thee;

Wretched, far from heav'n above,

Bound by men to set men free.

Arise my soul, arise and sing,

Through the valley now let ring

A joyful hallelujah song!

Arise and see your King!

Risen from the tomb that morn,

A comfort to His friends forlorn,

He conquered death, my Savior strong

That we might be reborn!

Arise my soul, arise and sing,

Take hold of only Him, and cling

To Him for all eternity!

Arise and see your King!

The living Word became a man-

Lived and died and rose again.

Righteousness for infirmity

Brings to my lips a sweet refrain.

Arise my soul, arise and sing!

Arise and see your King!



Sticks and Stones...

"Sticks and stones

Will break my bones,"

But words

Will break my heart.

Time does pass,

Anger won't last

And I must

Do my part-

Forgive the tongue

Of one so young

For well-aimed

Verbal darts.

A mother's ear

Will often hear

Such words

Which pain impart.

I am one

Who has a son,

Alike our

tempers art.

How can I teach

Or him beseech

From venom

To depart

When I myself

Do battle with

The flesh which

Tears apart?

Lessons still

Subdue my will;

Our gift is

A new start.

The words conspire

With their fire

A moment

Now to thwart.

We wait a while

And find a smile

Bouys the love

Deep in our hearts.

So I will cling

To One True Thing

That heals the

Broken heart.






My Life-Berenstain Bears-Style

You're always teaching
When you have little kids.
They hear what you've said
And they watch what you did.
You must tell them how
To get through each day.
They need to be taught,
To be shown the way.

Let's see what I have
To teach my offspring,
What lessons I'll offer,
What knowledge I'll bring
To bear on their lives
As they grow in my care,
What wisdom I have
That I'll humbly share...

I leave without knowing
Just where I am going-
I think I can get there
Without real directions
Since I saw it online
In a general depiction.
I also don't need a GPS
Since I can call the very best-
My hubs has Google by his side
And he will tell me where to drive!
Good thing I brought
My phone with me...
I'm wrong!  The mantle
Is where it must be.
I have driven for so long
I will have to get some gas.
My credit card is in my wallet...
Oops, it's in my other pants.

We cut out coupons
To help save money.
A good idea, but
Here's what's funny...
I then forget
That they exist.
I'll come across them randomly
So I'll start to make a list.
I look at coupons
In the folder
And this one's old,
But this one's older!

There is a calendar on our wall-
It hangs there, oh so prettily.
With plenty of space to write
What to do or where to be.
But it is blank,
Just like my stare
When you ask,
"Why weren't you there?"
It makes no sense,
I can't explain
Why I don't use my
Calendar or my brain.

I bought a clock,
a big one too,
To see while in
The living room.
But there it sits,
still in the box.
Apparently I have
No use for clocks.

What's for dinner?
Shouldn't I cook?
It's going on five so
Why don't I look
Into a cookbook...
I have plenty!
I'd say there were
At least twenty
On my shelf but
They're gathering dust
Since I hate cooking-
"Fast food or bust!"
That's my motto
My poor kids want
Real food to eat.
My husband thinks
I ought to plan
Our meals each week-
He thinks I can!
But it's really hard
For me to do
And so we end up
With no food.

We live in such a crazy way
So this is what I want to say:
"This is what you should not do
Let this be a lesson to you."



I'm walking on this road in the dark, through the night

And I keep on walking straight, while I'm waiting for the light,

Toward something I'm not sure of, yet a thing I trust to be-

A solid rock, a fortress, and a place of rest and peace.

My shoes are worn and dirty, and my clothes have turned to rags.

The wind it blows against me, making heavy all the bags

That are loaded on my back, that are swinging by my sides-

The burdens that I've carried for all these many miles.

Suddenly I stop, another step I cannot take;

The journey seems so hard, becomes one I cannot make.

A weary traveler does not rest, even when they stop

For holding on to heavy loads that stubbornly won't drop.

I feel the tears slide down my face, they fall of their own will

And though I can no longer move, I want the journey still.

A voice calls out,"You're not alone, you never were, my dear,

For I am right beside you, and I always have been here."

A hand picks up my chin, and then takes the bags from me,

"Let me have those burdens, for you are weak and weary.

There's no offense in these my words, for it's a truth you know."

He gestures then says kindly,"You think that these must go

With you on your journey, you have determined it to be.

But all the things that weigh you down are unnecessary."

I notice that the night is turning from its darkness to the pale

And lovely glow that comes just before the sun sets sail

Across the sky, a glorious ship, beginning each new day.

And I realize how long it's been since I have seen its rays

Or felt its warmth and reveled in the glory of its face.

But now I stand enjoying golden light in every place!

It slowly fills the world with bright and radiant beams

Lighting up the treetops and glistening in the streams.

The dirt and dust from traveling a long and rocky path

Are gone and now I am as clean as if I'd had a bath.

I wear new clothes that are not mine, they have replaced the rags,

And I can stand up easily without the heavy bags.

Without my load I notice that my shoulders are not sore.

I look at Him, and smile; I take a step and then one more.

But I know that there is something that I do not understand,

A mystery I can accept because I hold His hand.

Though I take the steps and walk the road that now is light

I am carried in the arms of the One who chased away the night.

Walking over rocks was toilsome; now the journey has become

One of rest and peace, while walking with the Rock, the Son.